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How Ebola Reminds Us of AIDS

When Thomas Eric Duncan arrived in Dallas, Texas on September 20th, he was realizing a long-held dream – to be reunited with his fiancée and son, whom he had not seen in 16 years. Duncan lived with them for 8 days, before, on September 28th, being rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with Ebola, and held in quarantine. On October 8th, Duncan passed away alone in his hospital room. He was the first person to die of Ebola... Read More

Richard & Barry: A Friendship Spanning 40 Years

manfriendship3 Recently, AIDS Research Alliance received a donation from one of our longstanding supporters, Richard Bloch. It was made in honor of Barry Greenfield, who had been featured in our 2014 issue of Searchlight. In the Searchlight interview, Barry described what it was like to be gay and sexually active in the early 80s, when AIDS first appeared on the scene, how he learned that he had been infected with HIV, and how he later realized that... Read More

Preparing to Test Prostratin on Human Reservoir Cells

Stefanie_magnet_photo_3_4x6 In my last post, you learned about AIDS Research Alliance’s first leukapheresis procedure, and why our research team needs to collect white blood cells in order to advance ARA’s HIV cure research. Since I wrote my last post, we have performed leukapheresis on several more study volunteers, and I have worked to perfect our process for isolating the resting CD4 T cells, which contain the HIV reservoir, from the white blood cells that... Read More

A Letter from Dr. Stephen Brown, ARA’s Interim President & CEO

headshot-brown_250 First, I want to thank you, the members of AIDS Research Alliance’s vital community, for supporting our organization. Since I joined ARA in 1997, tasked with finding something to flush HIV out of the reservoirs, I have worked with many of you – and received the support of all of you. Now, I am taking on the role of interim president and CEO. My commitment has always been to realizing the dream of a cure for... Read More

Announcing ARA’s New CEO & President: Dr. Stephen Brown

AIDS_Research_Alliance_logo A Letter from David Hardy, M.D., Chairman of the Board:                          I am pleased to announce that the members of AIDS Research Alliance’s Board of Directors have unanimously elected Dr. Stephen Brown, AIDS Research Alliance’s longtime Medical Director, to lead the organization as interim President and CEO. Read More

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