Mission & Vision


An artist’s rendering of the HIV virus.


AIDS Research Alliance exists to develop a cure for HIV/AIDS, medical strategies to prevent new infections, and better treatments for people living with HIV.


AIDS Research Alliance envisions a future in which HIV and its effects on health are eliminated, and new infections prevented.


1.  Independent clinical research.
2.  Clinical research targeting the HIV reservoirs.
3.  Clinical trials for innovative anti-HIV technologies, treatments, vaccines, microbicides, and other biomedical prevention research.
4.  The development of treatments for HIV-related conditions.
5.  Collaborations with other scientific organizations, including academic institutions, biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies.


AIDS Research Alliance helped to make HIV/AIDS treatable, but 8,000 people still die of AIDS every day, while millions more with HIV may lose a third of their life spans. 

Our research has moved the science forward.  AIDS Research Alliance has conducted over 150 clinical studies, contributing to the approval of half of today’s HIV/AIDS treatments. Now, we’re dedicated to finding a cure, and we need your help.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1989, AIDS Research Alliance was the first organization to claim it is possible to cure HIV/AIDS.  Now, we are developing a new generation of cure-focused treatments.  We are also working to prevent HIV infection as an investigational site for the HIV Vaccine Trails Network (HVTN), a program of the Division of AIDS of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

Though many people with HIV/AIDS are living longer lives, the treatments are a financial burden and the cumulative side effects can be severe.  With infection spreading into new communities, we are all at risk.  A cure will eliminate this risk, and drastically improve the lives of 35 million people worldwide living with HIV.

Our experience in the fight against HIV/AIDS has led us to science’s most promising hope for a cure:  HIV reservoir eradication.  In treated individuals, HIV hides in “reservoirs” within blood cells.  AIDS Research Alliance is developing a drug, prostratin, which forces latent virus to reveal itself, and also keeps the virus from infecting other cells.  This allows the body’s own immune system to destroy the virus.

When we bring prostratin to clinical trials, the world will be closer to a cure for this deadly epidemic.  We are as close as we have ever been.  We have fought to keep HIV-positive people alive.  With your help, we will find a way to cure them.

We won’t stop until HIV/AIDS has been eradicated.  Join the Alliance!

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