The Emerging Artists
Over 450 artists submitted work to our blue-ribbon Jury in the hopes of becoming one of the 2008 ArtSeen Emerging Artists.  After a number of exciting weeks reviewing artwork, reading about the artists, visiting web-sites - the results have been tabulated. We extend a special thanks to all artists who submitted their work.  It was a joy to see the work of so many talented artists.

Thank you,

Clay Doyle
Emerging Artist Competition Chair

Vincent Cummings
Director of Development

The 2008 Emerging Artists

Terry Arena
Leslie Awender
Gabrielle Azucena
Nicole Belle
Hiroko Braverman
Carl Burmiester
Adam Chapman
Toby Corbett
Camilo Cruz
Michael James Culhane
Jill Daves
Michael Logan
Nicola Dill
Maya Dreilinger
Babak Emanuel
BiJian Fan
Christine Foerster
Domenico Foschi
Diana Guerrero
Boza Ivanovic
David James
David Jang
Yoichi Kawamura
Morgan Konn
Solange Ledwith
Walter Lockwood
Michael Nelson
Chau Huynh
Yoella Razili
Ryan Schwartzkopf
Briana Schweizer
Patrick Strand
Eric Taggart
Clarissa Tossin
Donna J. Wan
Steven Wolkoff

The 2008 Emerging Artists

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Benefiting ARA

Stephanie Dillon- Capital Group Companies, Curator
Howard Fox- Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art
David Gere - UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures, Associate Professor AIDS/Arts Activism
Rebecca Morse- Museum of Contemporary Art, Assistant Curator
John Murdoch- The Huntington, The Kully Director of Art Collections
Glenn Phillips- The Getty Research Institute, Consulting Curator in Contemporary Programs and Research
Benefiting ARA AIDS Research Alliance
has advanced some of the most effective drug therapies available; ARA has been an investigative site for half of the FDA approved anti-HIV drugs. AIDS Research Alliance exists to develop more effective treatments for people living with HIV, find medical ways to prevent the spread of the virus and pursue our ultimate goal - a cure for AIDS.