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Sabo Trust Awards $200,000 Grant to AIDS Research Alliance

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February 03 2012

Robert John Sabo's generosity will help move our prostratin research forward.

mamala plant
The mamala plant, source of prostratin

AIDS Research Alliance has been awarded a research grant of $200,000 from the Robert John Sabo Trust. The grant will underwrite scientific experiments that test the effectiveness of the compound prostratin as a tool to eradicate latent HIV—the virus not killed by existing anti-HIV treatments.

Carolyn Carlburg, President & CEO said, “AIDS Research Alliance is deeply grateful to Mr. Sabo for leaving such a significant part of his estate to AIDS cure research.”

Born in North Carolina, Robert John Sabo lived most of his adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he worked as a certified public accountant. Mr. Sabo maintained a home in Sanford, NC, so he could visit his mother frequently. When he was approaching death, Mr. Sabo returned to Sanford permanently where he died at the age of 50 in November 2005. Mr. Sabo left much of his estate to medical research, intentionally leaving a special fund for AIDS cure research. In addition to this grant to AIDS Research Alliance of America, the Robert John Sabo Trust will fund medical research initiatives at the Salk Institute and the J. Gladstone Institute.

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