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A Letter from Dr. Stephen Brown, ARA’s Interim President & CEO

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August 11 2014

Dr. Stephen BrownFirst, I want to thank you, the members of AIDS Research Alliance’s vital community, for supporting our organization. Since I joined ARA in 1997, tasked with finding something to flush HIV out of the reservoirs, I have worked with many of you – and received the support of all of you.

Now, I am taking on the role of interim president and CEO. My commitment has always been to realizing the dream of a cure for HIV/AIDS. As the leader of this organization, my energy will be directed to positioning the organization to achieve that dream. I am an optimist. I believe that science steadily advances. And, the improvements made in HIV treatment over the last two decades are astounding.

The main barriers to finding a cure are the HIV reservoirs, which are where the virus lies dormant, escaping detection by the immune system and antiretroviral therapy. Our cure candidate – prostratin – would stimulate these reservoirs so that they would become detectable, allowing the immune system to attack them and eliminate them from the body.  But I might need help from an energized and more active immune response. Therapeutic immunizations and genetic manipulations are ways that can be approached. We will be conducting experiments combining such an approach with prostratin.

There is so much ahead of us that gives me hope. Dr. Stefanie Homann has been an indefatigable and committed Scientific Director. We are making considerable progress. I would love to know your thoughts, hopes, concerns and ideas. If you would like to share them with my team and me, please email communications@aidsresearch.org.

I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Brown signature

Stephen Brown, M.D.
Medical Director
Interim President & CEO
AIDS Research Alliance

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