Host a Fundraising Event


Thank you for your interest in supporting AIDS Research Alliance. One of the many ways to support ARA is by hosting your own event. This kind of activity is called a “third-party” fundraiser. Before planning your ARA fundraiser, please review this information carefully.

If you have additional questions regarding third-party fundraisers, please contact our development team.

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Ideas for Fundraising

1. Golf Tournaments
2. Running Events
3. Wine Tastings
4. Black Tie Events
5. Auctions
6. Bake Sales
7. Office Events
8. Parties

Types of ARA Third Party Fundraisers

A group or individual hosts an event or sponsors an activity that benefits ARA. For example: An organization hosts a golf outing and gives ARA a check for the net profit, or an individual hosts a birthday party and asks guests to donate to ARA in lieu of birthday presents.

A group or individual adds ARA as the beneficiary of an existing event. For example: A company has an annual party and asks their employees to consider a contribution for ARA, or a city has an annual marathon and offers registrants the opportunity to solicit pledges for ARA.

A group or individual invites ARA to cooperatively produce an event and share in the profits. For example: A local business invites ARA to participate in an art auction or grand opening. ARA sends out press releases and provides a volunteer staffed table at the event. In return, ARA receives a percentage of the proceeds from the event.

Donations to ARA

There is more than one way your guests can make a donation to ARA. Please indicate in the Event Description Form your preferred method.

Promote your ARA Fundraiser!

1. “Like” ARA on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.
2. Make time during the event to introduce the work of ARA. Our staff is always happy to make presentations at third party events, but if we can’t come to your event, you can share one of our videos with your guests!

Next Steps:

If you haven’t already, please click here to submit a description of your fundraiser event, or here if you are on a mobile device.

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